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GuideStone's broad retirement service offering means you won't have to look elsewhere for expertise, consulting, compliance, recordkeeping or education. That saves you time and money. By utilizing our customized pricing, you can more effectively achieve your goals as a faith-based organization and prepare your employees for a successful retirement.

GuideStone® retirement plans offer industry-leading church plan design, faith-based investments, administration services, transparent plan fees and expenses, and participant/plan education.

As a ministry, GuideStone understands faith-based organizations like yours. We understand you're seeking value, and we intend to deliver.

403(b) Fees and Expenses GuideStone Customized Pricing

GuideStone provides competitive and customized pricing options.

We do this by allowing the choice of share class and investment lineup.

Choose from two retirement plan structures:

403(b) Fees and Expenses GuideStone Plan Structure 403(b) Fees and Expenses GuideStone Plan Structure Additional plan and/or participant fees may apply. Provider services may vary. It's important to carefully understand fees and value for services and to complete a detailed comparison.

Unbundle your fees for clarity and transparency.

Unbundling clarifies investment expenses separately from the plan servicing fees.

Many retirement plan providers only offer a bundled plan solution to employers, where many plan servicing fees and expenses are assessed within the expense ratio of the investment options. Under this plan structure, participants do not see a separate charge, as the plan servicing fees are embedded in the expense ratio of each investment.

GuideStone offers the ability for 403(b) plans to exclusively use our Institutional share class and pay for plan servicing fees outside of the net expense ratio of the fund. Under this unbundled pricing model, the fee for our comprehensive plan services (plan design, recordkeeping/administration, compliance and participant education) are assessed outside of the fund expense. While this option can impact who bears the burden of the expense, some plan sponsors simply wish to provide transparency to the plan participants.

The following example shows how unbundling can provide transparency to your plan participants in the scenario of an identical fee:

403b fees and expenses
Bundle Balances

The unbundled approach is simply a different way of distributing and disclosing costs, as each example results in the same total balance of $10,500. It's important to note that changing the plan servicing fee to be a quarterly deduction from an account is NOT a higher fee. Rather, the unbundling is meant to improve fee transparency and understanding for plan participants.

Examples above are based on a $10 million plan.

Participants may also request certain services anytime, and expenses will continue to apply only to their specific retirement account. Examples of these participant services include:

  • Loan setup and maintenance
  • Qualified domestic relations order
  • Optional GuideStone Personal Advisory Services™ 

Competitive pricing comes bundled with values.

Do Well. Do Right. Do More

Provide your employees access to the nation’s largest Christian-screened mutual fund family.1

We trust you’ll find GuideStone offers one of the best values in the retirement plan market. More than 38,000 churches and ministry organizations do. However, more than being competitively priced, it’s our Christian values and faith-based investment screening that make us most attractive to our plan sponsors.

GuideStone was founded more than 100 years ago as a relief board, helping meet the basic needs of elderly pastors and their wives, and today helps nearly 200,000 participants prepare for their futures. We were screening on values before it was popular to do so — well before formal faith-based investing even existed.

Just as church plans are different from other retirement plans, the Christian values-based investor differs in how they make decisions. GuideStone understands this commitment because GuideStone shares this commitment.

We take a stand for life, family, stewardship, health and safety, never investing in any company that’s publicly recognized as being in the alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography or abortion industries.

GuideStone also advocates for plan sponsors whose fiduciary duties are increasingly crucial, despite church plans not being subject to the same regulations as those of other nonprofits or corporate counterparts.

Throughout the journey, we support ministry leaders with a comprehensive retirement plan designed to wholly prepare them for their retirement years.

Discover the GUIDESTONE difference.

Preparing Employees Today for Retirement Tomorrow

GuideStone shares your mission and offers comprehensive retirement plans designed to accomplish your goals. Talk to a church plan expert about our investment flexibility, competitive pricing and exceptional service:

Design your plan with GuideStone’s flexible investment menu.

Like our fee structure, GuideStone offers flexible investment menus. Designed with three tiers to meet the varying degrees of investment knowledge of plan participants, GuideStone provides a flexible architecture for your plan design.

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