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GuideStone® has been providing values-based recordkeeping services for more than 40 years.

As you consider retirement plan design, features and options, keep in mind the enduring impact these choices bring to plan participants. Your due diligence and careful review in selecting both a plan and, specifically, the retirement provider who will set up, transition and service your employees is key to their future.

Through our recordkeeping and administrative services, GuideStone will efficiently help you meet your plan management responsibilities through leading-edge technology that extends to multiple interface platforms. We utilize the industry-leading recordkeeping system from FIS, SunGard Omni, a premier provider of 403(b) and 401(k) recordkeeping software that services a multitude of domestic and international faith-based organizations.

GuideStone began offering defined contribution plans, including recordkeeping and trustee services, in the 1970s with our 403(b) retirement plans. As a premier provider of retirement benefits for faith-based organizations, the majority of GuideStone’s clients utilize our 403(b)(9) church plans due to their trust in our expertise, excellent service and years of experience administering church plans. However, our full suite of retirement plan options includes 403(b)(9), 403(b)(7) and 401(k) plans — both non-ERISA church plans and ERISA plans — as well as 409A, 457(f) and 457(b) deferred compensation plans.

GuideStone backed up everything they said about personal service, quality product and a heart for ministry. They have been highly responsive to our needs and continue to be a trusted ministry partner for us as we strive to provide quality services for our denomination. With no reservations, we highly recommend GuideStone as a 403(b) plan provider. - Jeff J., Director of Financial Services | Hillsboro, Kansas

Experience real-time management with MyGuideStone® and our Employer Access Program® (EAP).

Utilize our tools to improve your participant outcomes.

At GuideStone, participant outcomes are the reason we were founded more than 100 years ago. Our desire — then as it is today — is to help ministry staff and their families be financially secure in their later years. As a ministry organization ourselves, we believe that helping improve participant outcomes is one of our greatest responsibilities.

Today, that means leveraging technology. GuideStone manages its retirement plans through an advanced recordkeeping technology platform, providing you access to our online portals — EAP for plan sponsors and MyGuideStone for employees. GuideStone also provides the MyGuideStone app — available for both Apple® and Android™ devices — so employees can manage their accounts anytime, anywhere.

As an overview, the following 403(b) plan services and features are available to your organization:

GuideStone Employer Access Program

For Your Organization — GuideStone EAP

  • Contribution remittance
  • Employee status maintenance
  • Fiduciary resources
  • New enrollment processing
  • Participant-level information
  • Plan-level financial information
  • Plan documents
  • Regulatory updates
  • Reporting capabilities

For Your Employees — MyGuideStone

  • Account maintenance
  • Daily plan balance
  • Financial planning tools and calculators
  • Investment dashboard and performance
  • Investment Recommendation tool
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Loan models and requests
  • Online reallocation and exchange option
  • Tax documents

Dedication and diligence drive our administrative services.

Our team is structured to help you and your staff receive the best of care.

Our desire to serve you and your team with excellence and quality service can’t be overstated.

GuideStone simplifies administrative services, supporting employers and employees alike to make the most of their retirement plan. These services include: 

FPO for Organization

For Your Organization

  • Analysis of plan operational failure
  • Assistance with EAP reporting capabilities
  • Assistance with Electronic Data Transfer (EDT)
  • Contribution correction processing
  • EAP administrator training
  • Merger and acquisition support
Retirement Plans for Pastors

For Your Employees

  • Hardship withdrawals
  • Housing allowance designations
  • Qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs)
  • Required minimum distribution (RMD) reminders
  • Retirement Income Estimator tool
  • Special tax notices

GuideStone is an excellent 403(b) provider of retirement plan services and extremely professional, extremely knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to help your employees understand the real value of retirement savings. We've had opportunities to go elsewhere and we've chosen not to because we feel like GuideStone is the best partner with a religious organization like us. We can't have a better partner than GuideStone. - Jim D., Associate Executive Director | Louisville, Kentucky

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GuideStone shares your mission and offers comprehensive retirement plans designed to accomplish your goals. Talk to a church plan expert about our investment flexibility, competitive pricing and exceptional service:

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GuideStone understands your ministry, the special considerations of your ministry leaders and other employees and what it takes to encourage your participants to plan for their futures. Let our compliance expertise and thorough documentation services work for you.

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